Niantic Responds To Complaints From Pokémon GO Players


Niantic: After weeks of complaints and criticism from Pokémon GO players, Niantic finally took a stand and promised to evaluate ways to offer a solution to their fans’ claims. The company has posted a text called “An Answer to Our Pokémon GO Community” on its official blog.

The discontent of players is due to the fact that Niantic has reversed changes in the game’s Pokéstops that had been made as a safety measure against the pandemic. The producer had changed the minimum interaction distance from 40 meters to 80 meters.

Recently, however, Niantic decided to return to the standard of 40 meters, with the argument of resuming the central proposal of Pokémon GO, which is to make people go out for walks and discover new places.

But what seems to be the majority of players still don’t feel safe enough to go around playing Pokémon GO, and pressure has started for Niantic to delay reversing the changes.

The app’s developer hasn’t changed its decision yet, but says it will actively talk to gamers and “community leaders” to come up with some new solution that will appeal to gamers. A committee specially dedicated to this end will be formed, which promises to provide an answer by September 1st.

Niantic reiterates that it wants to stay true to what it calls its mission, so we’ll know at the end of this month what the “middle ground” will be achieved.


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