Niall Horan Teases The Third Album With a Fragment of a Song and a Mysterious Website


Niall Horan teased the release of his third album with a snippet of an acoustic song and a new website.

In a new teaser posted on TikTok by the former One Direction vocalist, he plays an acoustic snippet of the song before asking, “Something like this?”

“Only God knows what this can lead to / And even if our love starts to get out of control / And you and I will burn in the fire / Heaven will not be the same anymore,” he sings.

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The singer shared several TikToks teasing new music, including one where he was asked: “What are you listening to?”, to which he replied: “My new song, it’s called… I can’t tell you yet.”

A new website called “NH3 Loading…” has also been launched at the URL , which has a window and a flickering blue candle. The website’s source code also says, “CHECK EVERY DAY.”

Some fans also reported that they received teaser boxes with the text “Heaven will not be the same” along with the capital letters N and H.

Inside is a blue candle similar to the one on the website, and the QR code also leads to the website. You can check out the photos of the teaser box below.

Horan’s second solo album “Heartbreak Weather” was released in 2020 and was described by NME in a three-star review as “a mixed mix in which moments of magic contradict moments of “ah”.

Back in the summer of 2022, Horan met with his longtime friend and occasional tour companion Lewis Capaldi to ride on the streets of Dublin.

The couple went to Grafton Street – one of the two main shopping streets in central Dublin — yesterday afternoon (August 6), performing a short, unannounced set of acoustic jams with local street musician Jacob Koopman.

Capaldi also recently included Horan in the supergroup of his dreams along with Ed Sheeran and Elton John.


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