2019 is coming to an end, and with it we say goodbye to a decade full of moments. From the phenomenon of Rosalia to the birth of the success of Dua Lipa, through the rise of K-Pop and the new generations of triumphs. Ten memorable years.

In this last decade we have also seen the birth, maturity and rest of One Direction, the British boyband that revolutionized the music industry and which many baptized as “the new Beatles.” One of the voices that made it possible was that of Niall Horan, the Irishman who, like the rest of his former teammates, now triumphs alone on the charts.

Niall has lived true milestones throughout these years, evolving from being a stranger in the industry to becoming one of the most acclaimed. But for him there is another voice that has eclipsed each and every artist of the last decade: Billie Eilish.

In an interview with, and according to the words collected by Seventeen, the Irish had a conversation with the interpreter of Bad Guy. “I love your work. You are the best artist of the last ten years,” said the artist, taking advantage of the occasion. He even confessed that he would love to collaborate with her.

However, Billie did not respond to his request, but he thanked her words. “Wow. How beautiful. Jesus. My mother. From the last ten years? Wow, Niall, thank you. It’s very sweet of you. You are a legend,” the young woman added.

Niall Horan premiered solo on October 20, 2017 with the premiere of his studio album Flicker. With him, he managed to captivate millions of ears around the planet, who positioned their work in the highest positions of the charts. In fact, it ranked number 1 in Ireland, Canada and the United States, and reached the Top 10 in Australia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Subsequently, we have been able to hear new hits like Nice to Meet Ya and Put A Little Love On Me. Songs that did not disappoint and with which he has presented his new stage of artist.

A stage that, why not, could continue with a collaboration with Billie Eilish. At the moment there is no confirmation from the singer, but we hope she will do it very soon.


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