NHL Icon Wayne Gretzky Is Accused Of Lying About Chewing Gum for Weight Loss in a $10 Million Lawsuit


Drama off the ice. Wayne Gretzky has become the target of a new lawsuit alleging that he lied about the results he achieved using chewing gum for weight loss.

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According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the 61-year-old hockey legend and his wife Janet Jones Gretzky sued for promoting OMG (Overeating Management Gum). In a lawsuit filed on Monday, August 15, plaintiff Steven Sparks said that the couple lied about the product, because of which he lost millions of dollars.

In court documents, Sparks claimed to have hired 61-year-old Jones Gretzky as a representative of the chewing gum, which he said he created. Sparks continues to accuse the former NHL star of falsely claiming he lost 35 pounds after using chewing gum for two months.

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The businessman claimed Gretzky used the weight loss statement to boost the company’s stock before admitting he lied about the results. Then the company lost a lot in value, so Sparks, who claims he didn’t know Gretzky was allegedly lying about his weight loss, is now suing the Canadian native for $10 million.

Jones Gretzky’s collaboration with OMG was announced in a product press release in March 2018. “After three years of development in close collaboration with a team of scientists and companies involved in nutrition and weight control, I am very pleased to introduce OMG based on SuperCitrimax,” the statement said. “OMG is an outstanding product specifically designed for the modern lifestyle of fast—paced and multitasking adults. Overeating is often at the heart of weight gain and a real epidemic. … Our delicious chewing gum helps to get rid of hunger. Plus—I’ve always disliked taking pills!”

In the release, the actress was described as “the wife of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky,” but the former athlete himself did not quote any quotes in the message.

The former Edmonton Oilers player and the star of Their Own League got married in July 1988. The couple has five children: Pauline, 33, Ty, 32, Trevor, 29, Tristan, 22, and Emma, 19.

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In February 2006, Jones Gretzky was accused of placing bets on a nationwide sports gambling network that was allegedly funded by Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tokchet. At that time, Gretzky was the head coach of the team, as well as a co-owner.

“I didn’t do anything wrong or anything to do with betting,” the Hall of Fame member said in response to the allegations against his wife. “It never happened. …I’ll say it again: I didn’t bet, didn’t happen, won’t happen, didn’t happen, not what I did.”

The Grease 2 actress, for her part, denied making any bets on Gretzky. “I have never placed bets on behalf of my husband,” she said at the time in a statement. “Apart from the occasional horse race, my husband does not bet on any sports.”

The couple has not been charged with any crimes, but 58-year-old Tokchet pleaded guilty to conspiracy and gambling propaganda in May 2007. He was sentenced to two years probation in exchange for his statement.

Gretzi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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