NFTs ‘Piracy’ Site Gathers 20 TB Image Collection


NFT: Attracting more and more companies and resulting in astronomical internet auctions of historical pieces, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have also become a target for piracy. Or almost that.

A site called The NFT Bay, which imitates the classic The Pirate Bay in logo, operation and interface, emerged as a torrent aggregator containing images sold in this format, but free for download.

The largest file hosted on the site is over 20TB when unzipped and contains a huge amount of NFT files generated and housed in the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. They include entire collections and individually made works.

In addition, you can use filter and search engines on the site to find and download specific images, such as variants of market phenomena like Axie Infinity.

The person responsible for the site is an Australian developer named Geoff. In an interview with TorrentFreak, he explained that the page is an “art project” and also a “wake-up call” for “those who have boarded the NFTs without understanding what they are spending their profits on cryptocurrencies.”

Long fight

This torrent is just another chapter in the fight between investors and industry critics. NFTs are certificates of authenticity that indicate who owns a record of digital art — whoever downloads these images via torrent can share the image without any problems, but does not have the “receipt” that considers them to be the owner of the cryptart.

However, industry critics groups tease market enthusiasts by saving and sharing auctioned images in an attempt to prove that the “originality” certification is not worth the prices currently paid on specialized pages.