NFT: Startup Sorare Wants To Invest In Women’s Football


NFT: The startup Sorare, which specializes in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market, intends to invest in new contractions and partnerships in women’s sports, as reported by the CoinTelepragh website. The company already works with soccer projects to support young people and entrepreneurs to develop sports and games in underserved communities.

Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia believes that “NTFs can significantly accelerate the development of women’s sports.” The company’s first active investments will be in women’s football, in addition to expanding the reach of the men’s sport. The company’s goal is to bring the top 20 football leagues in the world to the Fantasy Game.

Despite the focus on football, investments should not stop in the modality and other sports may be introduced on the platform in the future. “We received the interest of leagues and fans around the world in replicating our model in other sports”, says the Sorare commander.


In September, the company received $680 million from SoftBank in an investment round — currently, the unicorn is valued at $4.3 billion. Resources should be used for new hires to expand the team in the United States and Europe.


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