NFT: sells the virtual house for $ 500,000 as cryptocurrency


The NFT market is gaining more and more fans, like contemporary artist Krista Kim, who sold a house project for 488 ETCH, which gives about $ 500,000. Named Mars House, the house was designed virtually in 3D to provide an immersive experience.

The new owner will be able to upload the file in several metaverses and still enjoy the digital space as if it were real. Using virtual reality devices, he will be able to enter the house, sit down, interact with objects, among other things. In fact, as the name already denounces, the project has a futuristic design inspired by Mars. And, although it was not at all cheap, the creation presents a simple and little polished proposal.

“At the moment, much of the art available on NFT has a very limited presentation parameter. It is presented, basically, as a digital file, a beautiful drawing or video on your screen, but my intention was to look beyond that ”, said Kim to CNBC magazine. Incidentally, it is worth remembering that NFT is a format that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity of a product, offering more security to the buyer.

First digital home sold

According to the artist, the project was created during the first wave of covid-19 lockdowns last year and won the title of the first digital home in NFT ever sold in history. “Mars House is a light sculpture, with LED substrate extending to the pool, along the entire perimeter of the house, for a uniform effect and fully integrated with moving gradients”, explained the creator.

Kim believes that virtual reality will soon be even more present in people’s lives. When that happens, she says, digital art will gain more relevance, as it will allow people to express their tastes, with decorative and collectible pieces. In fact, she is the founder of the Techism movement, which seeks to promote the union of art and technology, encouraging innovation as a way to boost digital humanism.


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