NFT projects that could increase 10 times in 2022! A Crypto Guru has been announced!


One of the most popular cryptocurrency analysts named the 4 best NFT projects that can be evaluated 10 times this year. Projects announced under such names can sometimes, as they say, have serious pricing. For example, Bloktopia (BLOK) was announced here even before the pre-sale. We shared this information with you a few days before the pre-sale. Today, the BLOCK price is many times higher than the pre-sale price.

However, some of these projects shared by Lark Davis could only be used for promotional purposes. We’ve witnessed similar things in the past, although Davis didn’t explain it. For all these reasons, you should not invest in a project without doing extensive research.

Tennis Champions

At the top of the list is Tennis Champs. They integrate NFT and tokens into everyday social games. Users have access to market-leading tools for developing, publishing and scaling games on the blockchain. Joyride is a platform for game developers that has completed its latest investment round with the support of many funds, such as Coinbase Venture, Animoca Brands, Solana Ventures, Dapper Labs.

They are working to make NFTs compatible with the metaverse.

Other NFT projects

The second collection of NFT is Avarik Saga. This is a JRPG style game. The game basically makes NFT characters compatible for RPG play. They focus on the Southeast Asian market. In particular, they started making a name for themselves in the mobile games market in Indonesia. Deals were also made with some large crypto groups in Southeast Asia. Davis believes that investors at an early stage can earn serious money on these projects.

Nyan Heroes is the third hero of the list. In fact, it is a mechanical war game. This project is built on Solana. And Solana offers a great setting for such games. There are so many games coming out on Solana Network, and we know there will be even more. This game is coming out and it can be quite popular. The whole concept of their mechanics is cool, the Japanese anime style is cool, and people love cats, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. At least that’s what Lark Davis thinks.

Cyber Brokers is Davis’ latest favorite NFT project. There are many different classes, characters and traits for different characters in this project, and they are purely chain NFTs. In another way, you can play with variables in the NFT symbol. For example, you can change the clothes of your collection item. Davis said the following about this project;

“The art is extraordinary, and the community that has grown up around them is extraordinary. And Josie has really established herself as a crypto artist in this field, producing absolutely amazing things. He’s one of the early pioneers of NFT, and this prolific art collection is just amazing.”