NFT Platform Grows Nearly Twice! here are details


NFT platform Near (NEAR) has doubled in one month and made ATH on March 12. So, what kind of services does this rapidly rising platform offer its users?

Near (NEAR) gained 109 percent on the monthly chart, 78 percent on the two-week chart and 54 percent on the weekly chart. NEAR token hit an all-time high at $ 7.41 on March 12th.

NEAR’s daily transaction volume is at the level of $ 355 million. Reaching a market value of 2.1 billion dollars, NEAR ranks 50th.

Services offered by the Near platform

  • Near, a convenient platform for NFT artists, suggests that NFT transfer transaction fees are lower. Joining Mintbase, which functions as a marketplace that enables the creation of NFT, brought some innovations to the network. According to the statement, NEAR gas fees have dropped due to the impact of Mintbase.
  • Besides NFTs, users can create decentralized applications on the network.
  • The Near platform allows the creation of guilds called Guilds and thus aims to develop the Near ecosystem together with users.
  • The Near protocol provides a specially certified course for developers. In this course, various skills such as designing, developing, and testing smart contracts are taught.
  • They state that the PoS system is a better choice in order to provide better service in areas such as DeFi and NFT. They use the PoS system for this.
  • On the web page of the Near community; Users can ask any questions they want and learn about the topics they are curious about, such as developer, marketplace, ecosystem, staking, finance.


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