NFT Move From This Altcoin: Price Peaks With The News!


BSC-based play-to-win gaming platform Everest Coin (EVCoin) is preparing to launch exclusive NFT collections on its own platform. The altcoin project has also introduced a number of partnerships and prize pools.

Coin (EVCoin) launches NFT market

According to the official announcement shared during the day by the team behind the project, Everest Coin’s NFT market has been released and has partnered with a number of altcoin projects. In addition, the $10,000 prize pool awaiting participants was also announced at the launch.

Everest Coin introduced the GameFi module in November 2021, where players can earn money in a decentralized way. Accompanied by successful reward mechanics and the launch, Everest Coin (EVCoin) managed to attract millions of GameFi enthusiasts in a short time. Haastrup Olufemi, head of the project for Africa and the Middle East, says that Everest Coin has the potential to change the narrative in the gaming segment:

We are currently trying to beat other established play-to-win projects like CryptoKitty and Axie infinity. With the launch of a trillion token supply on BSC, our revolutionary project is turning the GameFi world upside down due to its unique economic model, high playability and irresistible reward system.

Altcoin price reacted positively to the news

Everest Coin’s newly launched NFT marketplace is home to a number of tokens with numerous in-game characters and instruments. Also, to challenge the dominance of world-leading NFT collectibles Bored Apes Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, the developers of Everest Coin (EVCoin) announced the Bored Yeti Club airdrop. With these developments, EVCoin’s 24-hour trading volume ATH peaked at $0.00002285.