NFT: Meme of The Girl With House On Fire Sells for $ 480,000


NFT: Another meme was sold for a millionaire thanks to the trend of NFTs, non-fungible tokens. Recently, the iconic image of a little girl in front of a burning house was sold for approximately $ 480,000 in cryptocurrencies.

Called out there as “Disaster Girl”, the meme was marketed by Zoe Roth, the girl in the photo, who is now 21 years old. The image was listed as a non-fungible token on April 16 and was auctioned until it was sold by 180 Ether, approximately R $ 2.6 million in direct conversion to our currency.

The decision to sell the asset came after Roth and her family followed the advice of other internet celebrities who also sold NFTs for their memes. The procedure was carried out with the help of a legal team, which helped in choosing a platform for the virtual auction of the image.

Who bought the meme?

The meme’s NFT was purchased by a user identified as “3FMusic”. The millionaire acquisition, however, does not take away the rights to the work of Zoe Roth and her family.

In addition to the image rights still belonging to Roth and her family, NFT owners also cannot limit the reproduction of the meme. That is, even after the sale, the image can be used on the internet without restrictions.

With the acquisition, “3FMusic” becomes the owner of a unique key that is linked to the meme. If the NFT is resold, Zoe Roth also has the right to receive 10% of the value of the deal.

NFT technology uses blockchain to create codes that allow for the trading of digital items. In addition to other memes having already been bought for millionaire values, such as the “jealous girlfriend” video, the technology was used to sell the first Twitter post.


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