NFT integration with Coinbase: Already launched in beta!


For a long time it was expected that Coinbase would also support NFT. The well-known crypto exchange Coinbase is doing what is expected and is launching its version, which supports Ethereum-based NFT. In addition, Coinbase differs in that it offers zero market commission on its platform and supports social networks and NFT.

Coinbase NFT Integration

The platform includes a social layer and currently requires a wallet to store NFT. The Coinbase NFT platform has been recruiting potential participants since October. The exchange also announces that it will add almost everyone in the order of registration in the coming weeks. This NFT feature is currently only being launched for Ethereum-based NFTs on Coinbase.

In addition, Coinbase also states that there will be no additional transaction fees on their platform, other than Ethereum gas fees. In this update, Coinbase emphasizes that it is integrated with the wallet of WalletConnect, as well as with the wallet of Coinbase and MetaMask. Thus, the responsibility for the digital assets stored in these wallets is entirely borne by the users.

Famous NFT Collections

However, Coinbase also plans to provide users with the ability to purchase NFT using their Coinbase account and credit cards. In addition, thanks to this NFT integration, users can view, comment and communicate with NFT owners on the platform. In addition, although Coinbase does not offer the possibility of creating an NFT with this integration, it aims to host many NFT projects.

In this process, Coinbase combines many NFT projects on its platform, including such popular projects as NFT, Azuki, Doodles and World of Women. On the other hand, although the NFT industry’s favorite collections, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, are not yet available on Coinbase, it is believed that Coinbase will further expand its NFT portfolio. In addition, OpenSea, one of Coinbase’s biggest competitors, previously announced its integration with Solana-based NFT. Perhaps at a later stage, Coinbase may also include Solana in its NFT platform.