NFS World’s reaction to the Cowboys’ shocking win on Sunday


In a game in which they were without star quarterback Dak Prescott and faced the reigning AFC champions, the Dallas Cowboys scored a stunning victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, which was their first win of the season.

With Duck out for the next few weeks due to a hand injury, Cooper Rush gave Dallas a start this week. And he made the most of his opportunity early, making a touchdown on the opening.

Rush played well throughout the game, but it was in the final that Rush really earned his living. After changing the 35-yard line for a 17-17 score, Rush threw the Cowboys 30 yards and Brett Maher scored from a 50-yard play. And as time passed, Maher’s shot went through the posts, which led to a 20-17 victory.

Cowboys fans were delighted with the shocking victory. They were underdogs at home due to a touchdown with a backup quarterback and injuries at almost every stage of the team. But they did it:

There was a lot of belief that the Dallas Cowboys didn’t have enough energy to match the Cincinnati Bengals in a potential shootout. But the Cowboys’ defense did a great job keeping Cincinnati out of the scoring zone until the end of the fourth quarter.

Cooper Rush, Noah Brown and Brett Maher took care of the rest.

Now the Cowboys are heading to New Jersey for an evening duel with the New York Giants. But now they are heading there with much more confidence.

Was this win a turning point in the Cowboys’ season?


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