NFS World’s Reaction to News of Tom Brady’s Ring Fraud


A New Jersey man was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday for impersonating a former New England Patriots player to purchase Super Bowl rings as “gifts” for Tom Brady’s family.

It is reported that 25-year-old Scott Spina tried to fraudulently order three rings with the name “Brady” in order to sell them at a huge profit. He eventually sold one for more than $300,000 before confessing to his crimes.

The NFL world reacted to the news on social media.

“AD FRAUD,” Brian Grubb commented in capital letters.

“How can you pretend to be an NFL player???????” another user asked.

“I wonder if he said he was James Trash?”

“I feel sorry for the former player who had to sell his ring,” said another.

“The criminal is blown away,” another joked.

Prior to Brady’s rings, Spin reportedly purchased and flipped the ring for $63,000.


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