NFS World’s Reaction to Mike Jones’ Horrific Interception


During his rookie season, former Alabama star Mack Jones led the New England Patriots to the playoffs.

If he does it again this year, it looks like it will be a miracle. Throughout the preseason, the Patriots’ offense looked to be one of the worst in the league.

It was in all its glory on Saturday night. Jones’ stats on Friday night weren’t terrible, as he finished the night 9 of 13, passing for 71 yards.

However, the forwards struggled to move the ball, and Jones made one of the worst interceptions football fans have seen in a long time.

Check it out.

“Mac Jones, what are you doing?” one fan asked.

“Mack Jones still threw that ball,” another fan said, showing six Raiders defenders around the ball.

It’s been an uneven preseason for Jones and the Patriots, who seem to have lost longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Can they come back to normal?


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