NFS World’s reaction to Jimmy Garoppolo, Rams News


The San Francisco Fort Niners are built to win. And, according to Steve Weich via NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, the Los Angeles Rams think San Francisco has a much better chance now that Jimmy Garoppolo is behind the center again.

Per Kleiman: “People in the Rams locker room think the 49ers became the best team when Jimmy Garoppolo returned as the starting quarterback.”

The NFL world reacted to the news from Los Angeles on Monday.

“2 weeks into the season, and I’m already tired,” said one fan. “I hate it, but we have to move forward.”

“Well, Lance is a huge unknown, and Garoppolo has been kicking [their] asses for years,” another replied.

“Okay? And?” asked another.

“I believe it too and I’m not in the Rams locker room.

After his return, Jimmy G said it was “like riding a bike.” Let’s see how far he can eventually take the 49ers as they travel until the end of 2022.


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