NFS World’s reaction to Dan Marino’s Friday News


Dan Marino is considered the greatest player to ever wear a Miami Dolphins uniform throughout his Hall of Fame career. But this week he made an unexpected confession that caused a storm of indignation among many people.

In a recent interview, Marino admitted that there was a time when he was thinking about signing with another team at a later stage of his career. He said he has offers from teams that are in a better position to reach the Super Bowl, and was considering an offer at some point.

In the end, Marino agreed to stay in Miami for the rest of his career. Although we have seen in recent years, this is becoming less and less the norm.

Miami Dolphins fans don’t want to believe that Marino ever thought about such a thing. Other teams believe Marino could beat Matthew Stafford and dominate if he had a better team around him.:

After the first few seasons with the Miami Dolphins, it became increasingly difficult for the team to succeed in the postseason.

When Don Shula retired after the 1995 season, Marino stayed with the team under head coach Jimmy Johnson on a team that simply didn’t have the offensive firepower to reach the Super Bowl.

The last game of Marino’s career took place in the playoffs, when he lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 62-7.

Perhaps his place in the annals of NFL history would be different if he managed to win the Super Bowl with any team.


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