NFS World’s Reaction to Dan Campbell’s Hilarious News


Over the weekend, the Detroit Lions scored their first win of the season, beating the Washington Commanders by a score of 36-27.

After the first win of the season, the Lions could relax until the end of Sunday and two games on Monday night. So, how did head coach Dan Campbell relax after the win?

Like everyone else, he drank a little–at least that’s what he says.

“Usually, like any fan. I fell on my back in a chair drunk after the second half, I couldn’t even take notes anymore,” Campbell said when asked about how the Philadelphia Eagles would play the Minnesota Vikings. “I woke up, couldn’t read my notes. But I came back this morning, took an aspirin, everything is fine.”

Fans liked his comment.

“I respect honesty,” one person said.

“Honestly, just give this person the coach of the year every year and the golden jacket,” another fan said.

“The Lions are winning the Super Bowl,” another fan joked.

This weekend, the Lions will face the Minnesota Vikings. Campbell will probably be watching some more movies this week.


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