NFS World’s Reaction to Bengals Owner’s Comments


The Cincinnati Bengals know that the time will come when they will have to pay Joe Burrow a lot of money.

Burrow is entering his third year in the NFL, and with what he’s already done, he’s likely to become one of the five highest-paid quarterbacks in the league when a deal is agreed.

However, Bengals owner Mike Brown hopes Burrow emulates the way Mahomes treats other quarterbacks making deals.

“I like the way Mahomes said he doesn’t care what these guys get,” Brown said Monday (first transcribed by ProFootballTalk). “He was created to live with what he has. And why isn’t that the best way to look at it, I guess?”

Mahomes is certainly set for life after he signed the biggest contract in terms of total dollars in NFL history two years ago. He agreed to a 10-year, $450 million contract with the Chiefs, under which he will remain there until 2030.

NFL fans didn’t like Brown’s comment because they think he’s trying to get a little cheaper with Burrow’s next deal.

We’ll see when both sides start taking the long-term deal seriously.


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