NFL World’s reaction to the news about Giselle’s “Ultimatum”


This week, it was reported that Tom Brady’s wife Giselle actually gave the seven-time Super Bowl champion an “ultimatum” to either retire at the end of the season or leave her.

PEOPLE Magazine reported this week that Gisele is unhappy with the way Brady retired in the 2022 offseason and then returned to retirement less than two months later.

During Brady’s long absence from training camp, there were rumors that he had marital problems with Giselle and that she had established the law with him when all was said and done.

But NFL fans aren’t sure whether to believe this new report about Giselle’s outspoken “ultimatum.” Some say it makes sense, while others raise doubts. Still others are unhappy with Giselle for allegedly behaving like this:

It’s not hard to imagine that Giselle didn’t like the way Tom Brady spent the offseason. If Brady had made certain plans and assured that he would be more present after retirement, only to return to that, it could have created a serious trust issue.

But the reports are just reports, and they have not been confirmed by any of the two people in their contact center.

Almost all signs pointed to the fact that 2022 would be Tom Brady’s last season in the NFL anyway. If Brady really retires at the end of this season, everything in the Brady House will be fine.


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