NFL World’s Reaction to Jimmy Garoppolo Injury News


There have been a lot of rumors about the health of San Francisco Fort Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before the start of the 2022 NFL season.

Garoppolo underwent shoulder surgery early in the offseason. But according to NFL insider Mike Jardi, Garoppolo’s shoulder is “feeling good right now.” He is expected to start throwing the ball in the next few weeks.

“In addition, according to the source, Garoppolo’s shoulder feels good, feels healthy. He hopes for a “quick solution” as soon as he shows that he can make all the throws, which, according to the source, “will not be a problem,” Jardi tweeted. .

49ers fans believe this news means Garoppolo’s departure is imminent. They all seem to believe that once he is healthy enough to play, he will be healthy enough to be released or traded:

Jimmy Garoppolo’s job at the San Francisco Fort Niners was, to put it mildly, not easy. In his five seasons with the team, he had only two seasons in which he played more than six games.

In the two seasons he played most of the season, he led the 49ers to one of their best campaigns since Jim Harbaugh.

Garoppolo is 31-14 in the starting lineup for the 49ers with a 67.7% completion percentage, 11,162 yards and 66 touchdowns with just 38 interceptions.

But the 49ers already have a succession plan with Trey Lance.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo be able to get into 49ers training camp? Or will it be sold in advance?