NFL World’s Reaction to Carson Wentz, Reporter’s Drama


During a recent one-on-one interview with Carson Wentz, ABC 7News DC reporter Scott Abraham asked the Washington Commands quarterback some cruel questions.

Abraham asked Wentz about the story that he is an inaccurate thrower and a “constantly fickle” passer. He also asked Washington QB1 about the undesirability of his previous teams.

“Philadelphia didn’t want you. Indy didn’t want you. Do you think this is your last chance to prove that you can be a starting quarterback in the NFL?” asked Abraham.

All things considered, Wentz handled these difficult questions very well.

Take a look at the clip here:

The NFL world reacted to this embarrassing interview on Twitter.

Some fans appreciated Abraham’s straightforward questions.

“I would like all the media to ask such questions. These are real and legitimate questions, not embellished ones,” one of them wrote.

“Hats off to this reporter. This is how interviews should be. Difficult questions. It’s A LITTLE inconvenient to deliver to the person being interviewed,” another added.

Others thought he had gone too far.

“What a terrible interview. Such terrible questions,” one fan wrote.

“If you’re going to ask such questions, at least be a man and look him in the eye while you ask them…” said another.

Whether you like these questions or not, there’s no doubt that Wentz has a lot to prove in the upcoming season.

Wentz is expected to take the field during tomorrow’s first preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.


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