NFL World’s Reaction to Brett Favre’s Old Video


Some NFL fans have forgotten how good Brett Favre was in his prime.

Peter Bukowski of Locked On Panthers put together a vivid video in which Favre makes some great games on the run after some fans said, “We’ve never seen anyone like Patrick Mahomes.”

He wanted to show that Favre did the same when he had strong mobility in his prime.

Fans reacted ambiguously to this bright video.

“Favre was literally his comparison appearing in the draft,” one fan tweeted.

“Dude, if you just want to show the best clips from the videos, you can squint and see Mahomes in Favre, even in Elway. We’ve never seen anyone with a Mahomes combination, a down-to-down sequence and crazy highlights, with the possible exception of Rogers,” another fan wrote.

Favre spent 20 seasons in the NFL before being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

Judging by what he has done so far, Mahomes seems to be on his way to the same career.