NFL World Reacts to Stephen A. Smith’s Embarrassing Moment


Today on ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith made another unfortunate mistake regarding the NFL.

He suggested that the Los Angeles Chargers would score the most points this week. “I’ll go with the Chargers (to score the most points in the division)…Justin Herbert, (Mike) Williams, Keenan Allen!” Stephen A. said.

Molly Kerim continued the question by asking who would win the game, and Stephen A. replied, “I do not know… I’ll go with the Raiders. I’ll go with them.”

Football fans flocked to social media to react to his mistake. Fans joked that if there was a team that could lose by scoring more points, it would definitely be the Chargers.

“Honestly, if there’s a team that could score more points in a game and still lose, it would be the Chargers,” one fan joked.

Today, most fans have decided to use one of Smith’s most famous phrases against him.

“Stay away from Weeeeddddd!!!” said one person.

Stephen A. hasn’t had the best week.


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