NFL World Reacts to News of Rex Ryan’s Support


Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan made headlines this Wednesday because of his latest endorsement deal.

Ryan is teaming up with Dr. Scholl’s this football season. He will be a brand ambassador, helping the company with the launch of a new foot spray.

“Two things are obvious: I understand football and I understand legs,” Ryan said. “But the stigma associated with talking about legs has always seemed so unnecessary to me. I am very happy to share my expertise with these young tarhils and help them improve their game, including wrestling with the athlete’s foot with the help of Dr. Scholl.”

Fans were very amused by this couple because they believe that Ryan has a foot fetish, although he rejected this opinion in his statement.

“Absolutely brilliant marketing,” said one fan.

“The heart wants what it wants,” wrote another fan.

To this day, Ryan is one of the most entertaining personalities in the NFL. He shouldn’t have any problems promoting Dr. Scholl’s products this fall.


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