NFL World Reacts to News of Justin Herbert’s Injuries


Justin Herbert suffered a fractured rib cartilage.

The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback was listed by head coach Brandon Staley on a permanent basis.

Herbert suffered this injury at the end of the Chargers’ Thursday night football game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The third-year quarterback stayed in the game until the end of the competition, making an incredible touchdown in the fourth quarter, bringing the Chiefs’ advantage to three.

Despite Herbert’s heroic efforts, the Chargers lost by a score of 27-24.

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to this news about the young star’s injury.

“Every day with broken ribs. Football is so crazy,” one fan wrote.

“Staley needs to be fired for letting him back into the game. It could have been much, much worse,” said another.

“I mean, it was obvious as soon as he curled up into a ball, when he was barely touched. Herbert is tough as nails, so I know he only did it because he was in a lot of pain,” another added.

Due to an injury sustained during yesterday’s game, Herbert has a few extra days to recover before the Chargers’ Week three matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday.

Over the next week, the team will evaluate Herbert to determine if he will be ready for practice on Wednesday.

Herbert finished yesterday’s game with 334 yards, three touchdowns and one costly 99-yard sixth rush.


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