NFL World Reacts to News of Deshaun Watson’s Counseling


As part of his agreement with the NFL to limit the suspension to 11 games, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson must undergo counseling before he can recover.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Watson has already started his mandatory consultations. NFL columnist Peter King reported Monday that Watson has started consulting, but Mike Florio thinks there should be a catch.

Florio argued in a ProFootballTalk article about the King report that part of Watson’s consultation should include retracting his ongoing claims of innocence. Watson basically undermined the purpose of the suspension by claiming he was innocent of any wrongdoing by accepting the suspension.

NFL fans don’t seem to be sure if Watson will do what Florio said. Many believe that he will just say everything he needs to play again and that apologies mean nothing, others are not convinced that he needs to apologize at all:

Since 2021, more than two dozen women have come forward and accused Deshaun Watson of sexual harassment. Criminal charges were never filed, but they all planned to bring Watson to trial before settling the case out of court.

All this time, the NFL has been conducting its own investigation into Watson’s behavior and whether it violated league rules.

The end result was a disqualification, which was originally designed for six games. The NFL appealed and would have targeted the entire season or even more before Watson sat down at the negotiating table and agreed to this deal.

Watson and the NFL may be satisfied with the decision, but the fans are not.


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