NFL World Reacts to News of Darius Leonard’s Injuries


On Tuesday afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts received unpleasant news about one of the team’s best players.

It is reported that star midfielder Darius Leonard has suffered an injury that will require surgery. According to Colts insider Zach Kiefer, Leonard needs back surgery.

“Colts update on LB star Darius Leonard: There was no second ankle surgery, but he has back problems requiring surgery,” Kiefer said. “The operation is today. He will miss some training camp time, but the team expects him to be ready for the regular season.”

Obviously, fans are concerned about Leonard’s availability in the upcoming season.

“Well, it’s alarming,” said one fan.

“Darius Leonard underwent surgery due to back problems. Looks like he’s going to miss the start of the #Colts training camp. I expect that E. Jay Speed will take his place in the lineup until he is ready to work,” another analyst said.

“I pray for the speedy healing of maniacs,” said a third fan.

When he’s healthy, he’s one of the best midfielders in the game. I hope Leonard will fully recover and be ready for the official start of the 2022 season.