NFL World Reacts to Details of Marshawn Lynch’s Arrest


The details emerged after Marshawn Lynch’s recent arrest for drunk driving, and they’re not very good.

According to TMZ, police said Lynch looked “completely drunk” during a dui arrest earlier this week. It is reported that during the interrogation, he fell, then lost consciousness, and he “stank of booze.”

At some point, Lynch may have even ratted on himself. Apparently, he told the police that the car he was driving was stolen.

As you can imagine, NFL fans are very disappointed. They complain that the situation is getting worse and worse, the more new details appear:

As a player, Marshawn Lynch was one of the best runners in the NFL during the four years he played for the Seattle Seahawks. He led the league in rushing touchdowns in consecutive seasons during which the Seahawks reached the Super Bowl twice.

It’s been a few years since Marshawn Lynch last lost in the NFL. He didn’t officially retire, but he didn’t prepare for the game either.

Lynch has spent his retirement participating in many different business ventures, from owning sports teams to investing in cannabis and tech startups.

We can only hope that this drunk driving incident will be a one-off, and not a sign of some more serious problem in Lynch’s personal life.

He’s an NFL legend, and it would be a shame if that legend ended in tragedy.


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