NFL World Celebrates Michael Vick on Sunday


When it comes to the Michael Vick experience, you really should have been there. The former Falcons first baseman quickly conquered the NFL thanks to a combination of dual-threat skills that didn’t exist before.

Not only was Vic the fastest man on the field more often than not, he combined that speed with light arm strength and remarkable instincts.

Unfortunately, nasty off-field issues ruined his career at the peak of his powers; when he became the first quarterback to run for 1,000 yards. But it set the stage for one sport’s greatest redemption stories.

The NFL icon turns 42 on Sunday, and that’s a reason to celebrate. Because Mike Vick was not only one of the most unique talents ever to touch grass, but also spawned a generation of superstars that followed and changed the style of play forever.

“Congratulations to Michael Vick on his 42nd birthday,” Dov Kleiman said, listing a number of QB achievements.

“Mark Michael Vick’s birthday with an IDOL fight after his first playoff win,” the Atlanta Falcons tweeted.

“Happy Birthday, Michael Vick,” one user tweeted with a clip of the video game legend.

“Happy birthday, Michael Vick!” tweeted the Eagles fan account. “A return to the time when he led the Eagles to a 59-28 victory over Washington at MNF. Vick had 333 yards passing, 80 rushing yards and 6 total TD’s.”

Happy birthday, Mike!