NFL Team Executive Jokes About Tom Brady’s Absence Theory


Tom Brady was absent from Tampa Bay’s training camp for more than a week for “personal reasons.”

Head coach Todd Bowles initially called this absence a planned break, but has since stated that there is no “exact date” for Brady’s return.

Because of this glaring lack of information, fans and analysts have allowed their theories about Brady’s absence to grow. One of the most common theories is that the greatest QB of all time is participating in the popular Fox talent contest “The Masked Singer.”

Brady has ties to Fox after signing a future broadcast contract earlier this year. One of the Reddit users pointed out the fact that the show has a shooting date of August 20, the same date, according to Bowles, Brady will definitely miss.

Los Angeles Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff joked about Brady’s rumored appearance in “The Masked Singer” during the Rams-Texans preseason broadcast Friday night.

“Hopefully Tom Brady will still be in The Masked Singer by the time we go to Tampa in November. So if that’s the case, maybe we’ll have a chance,” he said.

Brady will almost certainly return when the Bucks face the reigning Super Bowl champions in Week 9 of the 2022 season.


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