NFL Receiver Openly Confessed to Sam Arnold’s Career


Quarterback Sam Darnold appears to have lost another starting job, as the Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield this week. Now he has lost two starting jobs in two years.

Appearing on I AM ATHLETE, one receiver who has worked with Darnold for most of his career expressed some thoughts about his development. Receiver Robbie Anderson, who worked with Darnold for two years at the New York Jets and his first year at Carolina, believes that his development was suppressed from the very beginning.

Anderson explained that the Jets’ decision to play Darnold right away was wrong. He believes that with the unstable coaching situation that year, it was an inappropriate scenario for Darnold.

“I feel like his development went awry when he got into the league,” Anderson said. “I don’t think Sam should have played right away. Be in the building, coaches… it was wrong.”

The New York Jets were stunned to see Sam Darnold drop to them at No. 3 in the 2018 NFL Draft after he became the top quarterback after graduating from college that year.

Darnold performed well as a rookie, but struggled to find consistency until the end of the season. The Jets replaced their entire coaching staff and head office after the season, and things went awry the next two seasons.

Darnold was sold to the Panthers in 2021, reuniting with Anderson, but the new home didn’t really fix anything.

Now Sam Darnold will only be lucky to win the starting task in training camp.