NFL Fans Are Furious over Deshaun Watson’s “innocence” Comment

Deshaun Watson may have accepted the NFL’s punishment for violating the personal conduct policy, but his comments about what led to the suspension angered many people.
Watson declared his innocence, accepting an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine. He tried to make it clear that he “never insulted anyone or showed disrespect.”
“I have always been able to maintain my innocence and have always said that I have never insulted or disrespected anyone, but at the same time I have to keep moving forward in my life and career,” Watson said.
However, NFL fans didn’t hear that. Many scold him for his lack of remorse and believe that this is a bad sign for moving forward:
Over the past two years, Deshaun Watson has been accused of sexual harassment by two dozen women. He settled all these cases out of court while the NFL was investigating.
The culmination of this investigation was a mediation session, as a result of which the team was disqualified for six games. The NFL immediately appealed the decision and planned to make an official decision by a third party.
Perhaps in order not to miss the entire 2022 season or even more, Watson today agreed to an 11-game suspension. He will now be able to return to the NFL playing field in time for Week 12 against the Houston Texans, his former team.


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