NFL Analyst Named the No. 1 Coaching Staff in the League


It’s almost impossible to beat a bad coaching staff in the NFL. A good coach can put a less talented squad in positions to succeed, while a bad coach may not use the weapons at their disposal.

On Sunday, Bleacher Report listed the top five NFL coaching staffs of 2022, led by Andy Reid in Kansas City.

Alex Ballentin writes:

Having Patrick Mahomes certainly helps, but over the past four years, no coaching staff has proved more stable than the Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid and company have been showing 50-15 results in the regular season since 2018…

It’s not just Reed who makes the coaching staff great. Eric Bienemi has been the offensive coordinator since 2018, leading the team to finish in the top six in both points and yards in every season he has been at the helm.

… The attack of Reid and Bienemi is able to score a goal quickly, while the defense of Spagnolo creates chaos and makes it difficult to fall behind. This is a coaching concert that proves its elitism again and again.

It’s hard to argue with the Chiefs’ results, and it’s nice to see Andy Reid getting his due after so many years of ingenious construction of attacking charts.


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