Neymar shares it with his loved ones on Instagram!


Neymar has just shared several photos on his Instagram account. The footballer reveals himself with his family in tender pictures.

Neymar has just posted a new series of photos on his Instagram account. The player is revealed as a family, and to say the least: the pictures are adorable!

For a few years now, Neymar has never ceased to be talked about. And for good reason, the PSG player is the most expensive player in history. Indeed, his transfer from Barcelona to Paris will have cost the club no less than 222 million euros.

But that’s not all. Besides being very expensive, its performance is not up to par. Indeed, the game of Neymar has been criticized for several years now by Parisians. They find that he spends more time staring at him than actually acting.

They also accuse him of rolling around on the ground and making movies all the time. But recently, Neymar was touched by a new controversy.


A few days after the Champions League final, Neymar decided to go to Ibiza to rest. Finally rest, not really. The soccer player has celebrated on several occasions.

But that’s not all. All of this has taken place as the entire world is being affected by the coronavirus crisis. Neymar obviously contracted the virus and it really hurt the whole team.

If Neymar is talking about him today, it is for a whole different reason. The player has just posted a new series of photos on his Instagram account. Very active on social networks, he does not hesitate to share moments of his daily life with his family.

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These family moments give a little balm to the heart to Neymar who must face the crisis and therefore play football in special conditions.


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