Neymar has said yes! And it is not at Barça de Messi: Last minute bomb!


Neymar Junior once again had them with the love of Paris Saint-Germain. In the last match played at home, against Nantes, the international ‘canarinho’ started as a starter and was whistled every time he touched the ball. The stands still do not forgive him to declare himself in rebellion and try to leave in the summer, making clearly disrespectful statements against the club that feeds him.

Nor did his attitude in the match against Real Madrid, in the Santiago Bernabéu, of the Champions League, make any sense of grace. He left as a substitute, entered the break, and throughout the second half he dedicated himself to walking, not fighting any ball and being a hindrance rather than an aid. There is no doubt that he is still determined to leave the Park of the Princes.

And to all that he put the icing on the cake with his goal in the 85th minute, which sealed the victory and put the two to zero on the scoreboard. The ‘10’, instead of celebrating it, sent the public to silence, who reproached him with insults, threats and boos. The situation has become unsustainable and the best solution for all parties involved is to separate their paths soon.

The intention of ‘Ney’ is no longer going to Barça, where it is completely ruled out. They do not forgive that he has thrown forward in his complaint against the directive and they no longer value his hiring, because, in addition, there is also no money to pay his token and the cost of his transfer. The option that now seems more realistic for the Brazilian is the one with Chelsea by Frank Lampard as the protagonist.

After losing Eden Hazard and not being able to sign for a year they have money left over. And, if nothing goes wrong, next year they will be in the Champions League, they are fourth in the Premier League.

The marches of Willian and Pedro Rodríguez would make him hollow.


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