Neymar again in a relationship? He would go out with a Spanish model: Noa Saez!


Neymar does not waste time! His break with Bruna Marquezine dates from last year after several years of love. However, according to rumors, he already frequents a Spanish woman named Noa Saez.

Indeed Neymar would have been surprised in Barcelona on November 11, 2019, spotted on arrival at the airport, one wonders what he was doing. Despite his discretion, the 27-year-old has aroused suspicion. Would he have gone to see Noa Saez? Or maybe the player injured for a month in the hamstring came to relax in Spain, simply. But there is still a good chance that it is for the pretty blonde from Malaga.

Recently the young woman was posing with her in an Instagram story. She appeared cast in a little black dress, a hand on the chest of the PSG striker. So after having dinner together, Neymar and Noa Saez went to the Mister Porter Club. A box known to receive football players.

The young woman seems very popular on Insta, with 47,000 subscribers. As much to tell you that since she typed the pose next to Neymar, its customers are growing! Regarding their meeting, there is a good chance that they met on social networks. Because it’s no secret Neymar uses networks to talk to young women!

Since Neymar dropped Bruna Marquezine in the fall of 2018, he had not shown up with another woman. Besides, it was she who had revealed the break: “Yes, we broke up. It was a decision that came from him, “she said.


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