What did Neymar do in the PSG training to receive that tremendous whistle?


There are stories of love and heartbreak and then there is Neymar Junior with Paris Saint Germain. It’s something like the endless story about them. When it seems that one has forgiven the other, that other takes the opportunity to put something in his face, and when it seemed that everything was going to be resolved, the story of reproaches and stabs began again.

The last one took place last Friday. After the injury of the Brazilian international in the October team stop, Neymar returned more than a month later to his audience. During the recovery period Neymar has had time to refuse a renewal offer to the club that offered to continue until 2025. The player continues with the idea of ​​heading towards Barcelona so he knows that extending his contract will not help him to fulfill his mission.

However, the fans planned to forget that fact and encourage their star on his return after a long month of gym, solo work and double sessions to try to recover as soon as possible. And this was so until some images of his last training with the PSG leaked in which Neymar is seen laughing with his companions, especially with the Di Maria noodle, where Ney barely does the warm-up exercises, under his coat , while he talks and jokes continuously at the stunned look of the journalists present there.

Neymar may be lacking motivation when playing in a league where he doesn’t feel important or has a high impact. However, this Tuesday comes the Champions League and PSG travels to Madrid to face Real Madrid, one of its suitors and top rival of his beloved Barça. Almost nothing. If Neymar wants to win a chance for Barcelona to pay for his departure from Paris, he has an excellent opportunity on Tuesday.


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