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Very soon, the professor at “La Casa de Papel” will be tried. The mock trial will therefore take place on February 8 in Rennes.

On the occasion of the Images de justice festival , the production of La Casa de Papel decided to strike a blow. In fact, the professor will be tried in a mock trial.

Since its release in May 2017, La Casa de Papel has enjoyed incredible success . The series therefore features 8 robbers who embark on the junkyard of the century. Under the orders of the “Profesor”, they then attack the Royal House of the Spanish Mint. To the delight of fans, a 4th season is coming very soon .

According to forecasts, La Casa de Papel season 4 will be online on April 3, 2020. As in previous seasons, the series will therefore be available on Netflix. After the finale of part 3, we are all impatient to find out more! Moreover, the production of the series has embarked on a crazy project. In fact, on the occasion of the Images de justice festival , we will attend the Professor’s trial .

You will understand, this is all fiction. The Professor at La Casa de Papel is not really going to be judged. However, the idea is crazy! In fact, there will be a real jury . In order to comply with the rules of impartiality of an assize trial, the members will be chosen at random. The selected will still be part of the public.

It is therefore on February 8 that the event will take place. More precisely in Rennes, at the Parliament of Brittany. You have to believe that even the best are caught. Like any good criminal, the fate of “the man in the shadows, mysterious and intelligent” will flow from his judgment . Another series hero passed the bar last year. Remember, it was Thomas Shelby, the band chief of the Peaky Blinders.

See you on February 8!


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