Neymar left France because of The Coronavirus?


According to the Foot Mercato site, Neymar would have left France a few hours ago. The reason is probably related to the coronavirus.

For once, PSG supporters should not be worried to learn that Neymar has left France. In a transfer window, this would have been more alarming . But this time, his departure would be linked to the coronavirus.

When Emmanuel Macron announced confinement in the country, but also in almost all of Europe, those who did not reside in France returned home . This is particularly the case for neighboring countries.

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo also left Italy to return to Portugal. This is why, when our colleagues from Foot Mercato let us know that Neymar would have returned to Brazil, this is not surprising.

Although other PSG players have decided to stay in France despite the situation. This is the case for Marco Verratti, Pablo Sarabia or Ander Herrera.

It remains to be seen how long Neymar will find himself “blocked” in Brazil . Indeed, confinement could well last more than 15 days…

Another friend of Neymar , and player from Paris, made the decision to return to Brazil, with his family. It is Thiago Silva . The defender also packed his bags and wanted to leave France during this period.

His wife had already suggested on his Insta account that they would not stay: ” We will see if we stay or not, because the virus is everywhere . My husband is also waiting for a position from his job. For now, here we are, really sad with all of that ” .

Also adding: “but we have a lot of confidence that everything will happen as quickly as possible ” . Hopefully this one is right and everything will get back to normal soon enough.

But if some do not like Neymar , to go home and not leave , we are not ready to end the war against the coronavirus…


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