Neymar invites fans to compete with Diesel!


On his Instagram account, Neymar shared a video. He decided to offer a brand new contest with Diesel to his subscribers!

This Monday, November 9, Neymar shared a new video on his Instagram account. And the least we can say is that he made his fans happy. Indeed, he decided to do a competition in collab with Diesel.

On his video, Neymar also unveiled an incredible goal to the applause of the public. But that’s not all. He told his fans he would win a Diesel scent. Created by the way with his help.

Captioning his Instagram video, Neymar also told his fans: “You know I’ve always loved the goal celebration. It’s your turn to invent your most intense! Just like me, be creative! ”

The young man also unveiled the rules. He wrote: “1. Follow Diesel Fragrances. 2. Hit your most intense goal. And publish it (article or story). 3. Tag me and Diesel Fragrances. Using the #DieselIntenseChallenge ”.


Neymar also explained, “I will choose the one I like the most. And the winner will receive a signed sculpture of my fist. That I developed with Diesel Fragrances. You have until Thursday the 19th! “.

Finally, the athlete also revealed: “Complete rules in organic”. With this contest, he collected more than 1 million views in just a few hours from his fans.

In the comments, they also expressed their joy. It must be said that this competition with the footballer is not lacking in originality. This time around, his fans will also have to be inventive.

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It remains to be seen whether a subscriber will succeed in standing out from the crowd. We are also looking forward to discovering the big winner of this contest. It will still be necessary to wait until November 19 to find out. One thing is certain, the gift lives up to the expectations of some Neymar fans.


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