Neymar: in big negotiation to extend his contract with PSG?


PSG absolutely wants to keep Neymar! As the Brazilian’s contract nears end, the club are therefore trying to negotiate for him to stay

So will the biggest transfer in football history stay with PSG? Paid 222 million euros to Barça three years ago, Neymar is gradually approaching the end of his contract … But the club want to keep him.

While with Kylian Mbappé, the Brazilian striker represented PSG’s chances of winning the Champions League, the duo have yet to succeed. They had to lose in the final against Bayern in September …

But this season seems even harder than the last for the Parisians. They have already lost twice in the Champions League… in three matches. And Neymar was also there, however.

Reasons for him to leave Paris? Because he left Barcelona to no longer play in the shadow of Messi. He was therefore aiming for the Ballon d’Or when he came to the French capital… But another failure on that side.

It must also be said that Neymar has suffered a lot of injuries since his arrival in France. He was therefore unable to show the full extent of his talent … But he is keen on it, as confirmed by one of his friends on Europe 1.


Isabela Pagliari, Brazilian journalist, indeed keeps a very close relationship with the player. He often invites her to his parties, to his birthdays … So she stays in the know. And the latest news looks good for Paris!

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Indeed, PSG and its player are talking about overtime. “Neymar feels comfortable in Paris,” explains the journalist. He loves the club and everything has changed compared to his initial wishes. ”

The summer of 2019 will have seemed a long time to the Parisians, as the player was looking to leave … But this time, the goal is to extend. “It’s something he’s considering. There are already discussions with the club. ”

“But there is nothing signed, or nothing done,” the reporter nonetheless. The fact remains that Neymar “has changed his mentality” and could therefore make a long-term contribution to PSG.


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