Neymar: His promise to Sergio Ramos includes Mbappé!


Alfredo Duro says Neymar promised Sergio Ramos to stay at PSG with Mbappé if the Spain international signs in Paris

We haven’t even started the winter transfer window, which the summer one is already talking about. Indeed, PSG is already at the center of all the rumors. Regarding his follies in the next transfers. A rumor is circulating about the possible arrival of Sergio Ramos. The Spaniard has reportedly received a pledge from Neymar, including Mbappé.

But before we talk about the promise in question, maybe we should set the scene again. Indeed, if some did not know it, the defender of Real Madrid left the doubt as to his future. He could leave the club in the Spanish capital.

Not appearing to want to sign another lease with Zizou’s team, he would be tempted by a challenge to PSG. It must be said that joining Neymar and the pleiad of stars already present can make your mouth water.

Especially since the capital club are still trying to win the Champions League. And for that, bringing in a player of the caliber of Sergio Ramos could help.

Provided, of course, that the club already keeps its nuggets. Such as Neymar, Mbappé, Di Maria, or even Navas. On this subject, the Brazilian would have made a promise to his Spanish counterpart. Allowing us to show ourselves confident.


Because yes, many rumors also circulate about Neymar. Some say he could leave Paris next summer. With the aim of making his return to Barça. However, if Alfredo Duro’s information turns out to be correct, it would be false.

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In fact, he said, the player promised Ramos he would stay in Paris if he joined him next summer. But that’s not all. Because in addition to securing his future at PSG, he would also ensure that of Mbappé.

Given that, still according to Alfredo Duro, he would have promised the defender that the “French genius” would also remain in the event of a new arrival. It remains to be seen whether all this information is true.

But if this is the case, in addition to keeping Neymar and his other stars, Paris would have a new experienced player in its ranks.


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