Neymar has followed scandals and blunders since his return to Brazil!


Neymar’s return to Brazil is making waves!

Since the spread of the coronavirus in Europe began, Neymar has decided to return to Brazil. Indeed the latter wanted to be with his family.

Besides, he was not the only PSG player who chose to go home. In any case, by the time the situation calms down.

Only here, since his return, Neymar does not stop talking about him! And you might as well say that it is not for a good cause.

Indeed, a few days after his arrival in Brazil, PSG players would have been seen in a supermarket. According to the newspaper O Dia, he would have taken the opportunity to fill his bags significantly.

“Enough to feed a battalion” according to the same source. So far, the Brazilian has behaved more or less like the majority of people who have learned confinement.

However, Brazil is annoyed by the behavior of the player. We explain to you why.

Only a few days after arriving in Brazil, Neymar was seen at the supermarket. Only here, the player had to respect a period of total confinement of 7 days!

Which would mean that the player didn’t follow the rules. Information to be taken with tweezers all the same.

Indeed, no photo shows the player doing his shopping. Difficult to confirm the information.

However, a few days after Neymar still caused a scandal. This time proof in support.

The player posts a photo with his friends on Instagram. Besides, we see him on the beach, surrounded by his friends.

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The latter obviously do not respect the imposed safety distance. A lack of respect for the rules while Brazil also faces certain containment measures.


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