Neymar didn’t play because he said homophobic insults


The controversy that left the Classic of France a few weeks ago continues and is becoming a nightmare for the protagonists, since the investigation is not over yet and the punishment for both Álvaro González and Neymar could be so severe that it would leave them out of activity the rest of the year.

The Brazilian star has already received a three-game suspension for hitting or slapping the head that he gave the Argentine player, but at least nine more could be added if it is proven that he launched racist insults at his rivals.

According to what was published by the newspaper L’Équipe, that is the minimum punishment that awaits both of them if the insults are proven, since allegedly González provoked the Brazilian by saying “monkey son of a bitch”, for which Ney would have answered the aggression with a “fucking fag.” As if that were not enough, according to El Partidazo de COPE, Olympique de Marseille has evidence that the PSG striker also insulted another of their players, Hiroki Sakai, referring to him as “shitty Chinese.”

If these racist insults are verified, both players would automatically receive a punishment of between 9 and 10 games, since according to the ninth article of the Regulations of the Professional Soccer League: “any insult on the grounds of ideology, race, nationality or ethnicity ”Merits the aforementioned sanction.

These 9 or 10 suspension meetings, plus the 3 he already has, would put Neymar out of activity for approximately 3 months, that is, practically all of 2020.

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