Neymar Becomes NFT Collector In $1.1 Million Purchase


Neymar: Star of PSG and the Brazilian national team, the player Neymar Jr. is now also an investor in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The athlete shared on Twitter that he now owns units of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the hottest NFTs collections in the industry and which involves illustrations of monkeys with different accessories, clothes and colors.

Altogether, he paid 189.69 in Ethereum for item #5269 and 159.99 in Ethereum for token #6633 in the collection taking into account the cryptocurrency price at the time of the transaction.

Under the “EneJay” profile on the OpenSea digital commerce platform, Neymar Jr. has a total of 21 NFTs in his digital wallet, including a third Bored Ape that is part of a collaboration with Adidas.

Despite having shared the image of one of the acquisitions on the social network, the player apparently does not subscribe to the paid version of Twitter or has not yet connected the wallet with his profile on the platform.

If he does, it is possible to take advantage of a novelty of the social network, which involves using NFTs as authenticated profile images.