Neymar: 7 days banned from Twitch!


After his great blunder, the player Neymar was banned from the Twitch platform for 7 days! We give you more details.After his nice blunder, the player Neymar was banned from the Twitch platform for 7 days! We’ll give you more details.

Neymar banned from the Twitch platform for a period of 7 days!

When he’s not on the pitch, the Brazilian player is clearly on Twitch. In fact, the PSG star is even very active on the platform.

Indeed, it regularly broadcasts parts of CS: GO, Call of Duty and other games. But Neymar is going to have to find another hobby.

At least for the next 7 days. Indeed, the young player was banned from the Twitch platform because of a nice ball.

During a live, Neymar reportedly disclosed the phone number of player Richarlison. The Everton player then received over 10,000 messages in just 5 minutes!

Suffice to say that the Brazilian’s dumpling did not go unnoticed. He then pays the costs.


You should know that the Twitch platform has rather strict regulations. Indeed, the disclosure of personal information of other persons is prohibited.

Namely addresses and telephone numbers. This is therefore against the platform’s regulations and this action constitutes an offense punishable by temporary or permanent ban from the channel.

So that’s what happened to Neymar. The young man also explained his mishap on his Instagram account. “Guys, I got banned from Twitch, if I’m not mistaken for seven days, because of ‘Pombo’,” he says.

Pombo being Richarlison’s nickname. Yet Neymar would have revealed his number by accident. But his dumpling did not go unnoticed.

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However, you should know that account suspensions are not uncommon on the Twitch platform. Neither permanent elsewhere!

In 7 days, the Brazilian will be able to find his Twitch account. To the delight of the thousands of viewers who follow him.


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