Next Generations Can Be Born Without 20-Year-Old Teeth


According to a new study, the fact that people process their food too much eliminates the need for 20-year-old teeth. For this reason, wisdom teeth may disappear completely in future generations.

Although we don’t realize it, the human body undergoes micro changes from generation to generation. A new study carried out at Flinders University in Australia reveals how humanity has recently changed biologically. In other words, humans have undergone a microevolution.

Dr. Teghan Lucas says that as people learn to cook food on fire and process it further, they lose their need for 20-year-old teeth. Dr. According to Lucas, this change not only causes new generations to be born without 20-year-old teeth, but the jaw begins to become smaller in parallel with fewer teeth.

In the study, Dr. Accompanying Lucas, Prof. Maciej Henneberg and Prof. As a result of their research, Jaliya Kumaratilake revealed that there has been a significant increase in artery prevalence since the late 19th century. The artery, which is the main vessel that supplies blood to the forearm and hand, normally occurs in the mother’s womb, but while the pregnancy continues, it leaves its place to the radial and ulnar arteries.

According to the research, the prevalence of artery was around 10 percent in the 1880s, and rose to 30 percent at the end of the 20th century. Dr. According to Lucas, the reason for this increase may be due to mutations in genes involved in the development of the median artery or a health problem in the mothers during pregnancy. In both cases, it is possible to say that people have changed in a short period of 100 years.

“If this trend continues, most people will have a forearm median artery by 2100.” Using the statements Dr. Lucas stated that their study revealed that the 20-year-old female and forearm artery evolved much faster than any other point in humans. According to the authors of the study, changes in natural selection are the main cause of this microevolution.


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