Next-Generation iPhones Will Have Smaller Batteries


A report shared by renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the batteries to be used in the iPhone 13 family will be smaller and take up less space. Space-saving Apple can thus launch new iPhones with a slimmer design.

Almost all batteries used in smartphones today are the same and only their capacities are different. However, with the iPhone 13 series, Apple may start using a different battery technology in its devices. The source of the allegations comes from a report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In the report shared by the famous analyst, it is said that the iPhone 13s will be the first iPhone series to use the new technology called ‘soft board battery’. According to Kuo, one of the reasons for switching to the new battery technology is to save space on the iPhone and reduce production costs at the same time.

The batteries of the next generation iPhones will be much smaller:

The iPhone 12, introduced by Cupertino-based technology giant Apple at the beginning of last month, came up with a thinner design compared to previous iPhones. Unfortunately, Apple chose to add a smaller battery to the device because it didn’t have enough space. But thanks to new battery technology, the company can improve the battery life of iPhones by offering a larger capacity battery in extra space.

It is a known fact that batteries using the new technology have fewer layers compared to existing batteries. This means that Apple can fit more battery capacity in the same space that will drain from existing batteries or make iPhones thinner by keeping the capacity the same. At this point, if we look at the past, it can be said that Apple will prefer design instead of longer battery life.

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Another report suggests that the iPhones to be introduced next year will use more power efficient displays. According to the report, thanks to the new technology to be used in the iPhone 13s, 10-20% power savings can be achieved on the screens compared to the iPhone 12. We have to wait a little longer to see if all these claims are true.


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