NexFan air conditioning costs R $ 238 and promises temperature up to 5 ºC lower


NexFan Ultra is a portable mini air conditioner that promises to keep the air pure and clean. The product hit the crowdfunding target at Indiegogo and is available to buy for around R $ 238. According to the manufacturer, the accessory eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms from the environment through the UV-C ray lamp. In addition, the model has rapid cooling, decreasing up to 5 ºC of ambient temperature. Deliveries are scheduled for May 2020 and shipping to Brazil is free.

The NexFan Ultra performs the sterilization of the environment by means of an LED lamp with UV-C rays, which is located in the water tank of the device and promises to eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria and microorganisms that remain in the air. In addition, the filter has silver ions, which should prevent the action of mold and increase the life of the accessory. In any case, cleaning must be done every two months to avoid problems in operation.

The model’s rapid cooling system uses an atomizer to increase the volume of the water spray, with a 4.8 x 10 cm vegetable fiber curtain capable of greater absorption. According to the developers of air conditioning, this practice results in rapid evaporation that can lower the ambient temperature by up to 5 ºC in a few seconds. It is worth mentioning that products of the type do not have the capacity to cool an entire room, for example, but the NexFan must be sufficient to cover distances of up to 1.52 meters at an angle of 90º.

The device measures 14.4 x 16.1 x 15.9 cm, weighing less than 1 kg and a water tank with a capacity of up to 500 mL. The product also has noise reduction, which limits sounds to up to 68 dB, in addition to an internal battery of 10,000 mAh, which allows the user to use the device for up to 12 hours. In addition, the mini air conditioner has a powerbank function, bringing a USB port to charge other devices.

The NexFan Ultra is available in black and white colors, in addition to other launch promotions, in addition to the price of R $ 238. In Indiegogo, for example, it is possible to buy two units with two additional filters for R $ 523, or even five models for R $ 1,162. In both cases, shipping remains free to Brazil.

How does Indiegogo work?
Crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter bring different types of electronic products. Among the developers are from startups to famous manufacturers, who use the platforms to test the success of their bets in the market. It is worth mentioning that the projects have a deadline and a collection goal: when exceeding this value, companies start mass production; otherwise, the idea does not leave the paper.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the proposal before purchasing, taking into account the history of the developers, their communication with other consumers, the number of people who are betting on the project, among other points.


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